Getting prepared to receive Slovenian visitor at the airport, thus proper sign is in the making.

10 000 Projects

My time here in Finland is getting shorter all the time and yet there is so many projects on going. The criteria for a project is that is has a beginning and the end.

A list of uncompleted:

  • Card for 10x45 minutes massage, 6 used
  • Nanbudo Kata book of five Nanbu katas, pictures taken a year ago
  • Mugenno Budo, a book of Japanese martial arts
  • Sell all property which is not to be carried along, see Huuto.net
  • Donate stuff which is not going to be bought, washing machine to my mother
  • Some White Moustache short motion pictures

A list of completed:

There are always more, but these are the most time critical.