A description of my migraine

In the last ten to thirteen years I have experienced increasing occurrence of migraines.

One of the first ones I remember quite well as it hit me while I was working a gas station / cafeteria and was alone behind the counter. I could not see the buttons of the register and was just pressing them based on my blind memory. Not sure how many of the customers got a sudden discount or better yet a sudden increase in the price.

Some of the most common features of my migraine are the following, but not limited to, and somewhat in the given order:

  1. Cannot see clearly nor focus on a spot
  2. Loose feeling from the lower part of the arm
  3. Start to see aura, usually in the right side, as if under water
  4. Cannot speak clearly, specially any foreign language

Lately I have been lucky, since while staying in Japan from November 2012 to the end of January 2013, I had zero occurrence of migraine. Considering that two years earlier I had it three or four time, I was very lucky this time.