A story of Atarashii Naginatado at the Helsinki Kendo Club

The Japanese martial art called Atarashii Naginatado (or just naginata for the sake of shorter writing) started in Finland in 15th February 2009. Before that there had been few times when a random group of people had been training with a visiting teacher.

Currently the art is practised by some 10..15 people around Helsinki area, without counting any of those schools where the more ancient disciplines are practised.

Last Thursday few fellows from the Naginata division of the Helsinki Kendo Club did a video for a competition organised by the Finnish Sports Federation. This video can be seen in several video sharing services, as I wanted to test the qualities in each of them.

Most of the services converted the video without half an hour, but for Yahoo it has already taken over 5 hours. Easiest to publish a video was in Vimeo, Flickr and then in Youtube. Most difficult it was in Kyte, but Ovi was not easy either.

For the video encoding quality measures, see the video yourself and use the HD (high definition) setting if available.