All Japan Karatedo Championships 2012 at Nippon Budokan

Since there was a window of an opportunity, I planned the last trip to Japan so that I could see the 40th All Japan Championships of Karate in Nippon Budokan.

It is an opportunity that does not happen too often and as it was this time again, my schedule was filled with trainings around the country. Due to these tight time constrains that I had made for myself, I could only stay for one hour at the competition.

Lucky me, I saw the section of the competition that I was mostly keen on seeing, the Kata of Women.

Another lucky turn of events was that just the morning before, I received an entrance ticket to this competition from Okawa shihan at Shimizu, Shizuoka.

Please see the videos available at Vimeo and also attached below, of the first eight (8) performances of the first round. After those I already needed to move on to Ichikawa, Chiba.