AS3 Subtitler to parse SRT files

The video player used in this web site of mine has now the ability to play the subtitles related to the video. Currently only SubRip format (*.srt) is supported.

Documentation generated by using “asdoc” available in Flex 2/3 SDK, is available in as3libs-docs.

Video attached demonstrates the use of the SubTitler class by displaying few technique names what the members of Ruyjin, an Eisa dance group, were demonstrating in Johannesburg, South-Africa, at the International Ryukyu Kobujutsu seminar in October 2007.

You can also see the subtitles with the video of the following stories:

Usually if a story has a file which has the extension “mp4”, the JavaScript function to display the embedded player will also check for a file attachment having the extension “srt”.

As you probably are interested of knowing how to get your hands in to these classes, they will be included in Tsuka later on. Donations to the project might make the progress faster…