Balance between attack and defence

On several occasions it has been seen that the roles between the attacker (tori, 取り) and the defender/receiver (uke, 受け) are not in balance, as in most cases the latter is too aggressive and the previous gives up after the initiation.

This can be fixed with simple investigation, firstly for the attackers role. Is my attack constant and without loosing my idea of attacking the opponent? Am I focusing enough effort to make my part complete?

As for the defenders role, the rules of receiving and giving should be applied. Am I first receiving the attack, that is am I adjusting my distance accordingly and not letting the attack to effect my balance? While giving back, as in counter attack or as in letting the attack to pass along the same path it took, am I able to keep my balance and control of the situation, yet relaxed and comfortable?

As Nanbudo is an art for creation of energy, it is also an art for using the opponents energy. Keeping this in mind, the opponents should never use force against force, nor should the attack be stopped. Instead let the energy follow its initial path while avoiding direct collision.

The topic is not limited to any martial art specifically and can be applied to the business world as well, therefore one might benefit of understanding the balance between attack and defence.