Water beast
A water beast in the Helsinki Zoo.

Complete work history up to date

This list of work experience is ordered by latest as the top most. Company names are in bold for easier reading.

Paazmaya (Self Employed)

Järvenpää, Finland

IT consulting, Bicycle services

Hal Interactive d.o.o.

Kamnik, Slovenia

Software Engineer

ThirdFrameStudios d.o.o.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Actionscript 3 developer

Zavod Embrio

Ljubljana, Slovenia

PHP developer


Ljubljana, Slovenia

HTML developer

Synchronicity PBS s.r.l.

Pavia, Italy

Chief Technology Officer


Turku, Finland

Car tire changer, construction worker

Turun Oppimiskeskus

Turku, Finland

Flash, PHP and JavaScript teacher

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku, Finland

Flash teacher

Suomen Erikoispinnoitus Oy

Utö, Finland

Light house construction worker


Turku, Finland

Tutto Speziale Ltd

Helsinki, Finland

Bicycle full service person, shop caretaker

Airiston Auto

Turku, Finland

Audi and Wolksvagen car service

Uudenmaan Bensiini (Esso)

Järvenpää, Finland

Gas station and bar service person

Chebici Ltd

Järvenpää, Finland

Bicycle full service person