Green plants survive even on a solid rock
This particular flower designates its life to live on a rock with nutrition arriving from above.

Data linking in the coming jQuery 1.4.3

The forthcoming jQuery release, version 1.4.3, should include form data linking. Currently these features can be tested via a fork of jQuery and a plugin, both available in GitHub.

// Data which is linked to the form
var linked = {};

// Once DOM is completely downloaded, thus ready, this is triggered
$(document).ready(function() {
    $('input, select').change(function() {
    $('input[name=send]:button').click(function() {

    $(linked).data('username', 'Tonttu');

// Print visual feedback of the current values
function printInfo() {
    var str = '';
    for (var i in linked) {
        if (linked.hasOwnProperty(i)) {
            str += '<' + 'p>linked.' + i + ': ' + linked[i] + '<' + '/p>';

The above example is available with the rest of the DOM elements in the html file attached.