Driving a bicycle taxi and working in a bicycle workshop

My employer at Chebici bicycle shop said to me one day:

Others have pre school age children, but you play with a rickshaw.

This is what I do from time to time in the city of Järvenpää, from where by the way I did not find any box where to place used batteries. A local news paper published a small article of me with my bicycle rickshaw, it is attached and it is in Finnish.

My employer, Vesa Rauttu, turned 60 years of age in the last week and on Sunday had the celebration. His spouse Terttu surprised him by posing him which Vesa has been doing for the last twenty years.

DVD covers designed for the picture collection.

I been working for him and with him for some nine summers in the bicycle shop located in Järvenpää, sometimes also in Helsinki. Vesa is 100% active Lion and he has managed to get me into this biggest charity organisation of the World for the second time, last time in 1998 when the Leo Club Järvenpää was founded.

There are photos available of the working time. Follow the link.