Ever expanding book collection

Recent additions in my book collection, in the order of latest appearance:

  • Donn F. Draeger, Robert W. Smith: Comprehensive Asian Fighting Arts
  • Kathy Gude, Michael Duckworth: Proficiency Masterclass
  • Mikko Salonen: Nippon Kendo Kata - Johdatus japanilaiseen miekkailuun
  • Phillip T. Hevener: Fujita Seiko - The Last Koga Ninja
  • Hirokazu Kanazawa: Karate - The Complete Kata
  • Nippon Budokan: Budo - The martial ways of Japan
  • Dave Lowry: In the Dojo - A Guide to the Rituals and Etiquette
  • Takuan Soho: The Unfettered Mind: Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master
  • Yagyu Munenori: Life-Giving Sword - The Secret Teachings from the House of the Shogun
  • Don Cunningham: Taiho Jutsu - Law and Order in the age of the samurai
  • Don Cunningham: Samurai Weapons - Tools of the Warrior

It would seem I have become addicted in collecting books related to martial arts. So far space is not an issue, but time is.

When will I be able to read all these as I am in the trainings all the time (when not at work)?