Experience Avid 2004, Milan

Today was a promotion event for the products of Avid in San Siro football Stadium in Milan.

Seems that the video is going towards the time without the tapes and uses hard discs as computers. Example of this is the Panasonic P2 camcorder which has five slots for memory cards. These memory cards are using the same technology as Compact flash and they are PCMCIA compliant. Good thing with these are that there are much less mechanical moving parts and it is much faster to get the content in to the editing software.

But the memory cards are now only four (4) gigabytes (GB) so it is just some couple of minutes that one card can hold. My opinion is that when the cards reach up to terabytes (1012) rather the gigabytes (109), then we all can really start using them and make a nice mid summer fire of all the tapes.