Flex SDK versions for different Flash Player version

Adobe offers a free Flex SDK which is most likely the most common library used by any Actionscript developer.

However it is sometimes confusing when the developer should update often the SDK, but there might be a need to create an older version of the resulting Shockwave Flash file.

At the time of writing, the most recent Flex SDK version is, called “Hero”. By default it creates SWF files for Flash Player (later FP) version 10.2.

Previous version of the SDK was, which could create 10.0 and 10.1 SWF files.

In case you would like to create something that can be played with FP 9, then the SDK version seems to be the right solution.

The tool of choice for writing Actionscript could be FlashDevelop.

The most recent updates for different FP version are available for free at Adobe downloads site. In order to play SWF files while developing with FlashDevelop, it is recommended to get the standalone FP projector, more specifically the debug version. For older versions, such as FP 9, see archived versions page.

Controlling the resulting SWF file version via header comment is simple as shown in the following snippet:

 * @mxmlc -target-player=10.2.0

But how to control which Flex SDK is used to build it? Currently it is done via settings panel in FlashDevelop, which creates the need to change it there every time a different FP version is desired.

This could be solved by adding a feature/plugin to FlashDevelop which accepts an array of different Flex SDK locations, each assigned to certain label (which could be “9.0”) and that label would be used in the above snippet to control the compiler.