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How to be late from a training session

Some people like to be early at the training, thus the training can begin as soon as scheduled. Then there are those who are purposely or unselfconsciously, late every time.

Few simple rules which could benefit everyone:

  • Don’t be late
  • If you are late, don’t disturb the other, hence wait for proper opportunity to enter the training and permission from the teacher
  • If you know you are going to be late, announce it beforehand. It will make it fair for the others and it does not distract as much when it is expected
  • Depending of the length of the training, there might be no reason to join if it is already in the half way
  • Depending how the training session is structured, try to enter between sections.

No one wants to be late. Seriously, there is no benefit for it.

Anyhow, if you are late, follow the rule of three bows:

  1. Bow when entering the training place, as done any other time
  2. Sit down as it is properly should be done, bow towards the centre of the training place. This substitutes for the initial ceremony of the training session which often includes two bows (shomen, otagai)
  3. Upon the signal for joining from the instructor (for example bowing to your direction or calling your name…), bow once as an indication of understanding the trouble that you had caused and take your place in proper manner.

Please note that if you are sincerely late, try not to disturb the others and the rhythm of the training session. Honour the others who came in time and they will honour you in return despite you were late.