Installing latest Qt Mobility 1.1 in Apple Mac OS X

These instructions will essentially differ from those to Windows Vista and Fedora Linuxby fetching the Qt Mobility source from version control repository where the development takes place. The version fetched from the branch 1.1 which should contain few bug fixesand improvements over the version 1.1.0 sources found from the official Qt download page.

A snapshot download is available or issue the following commands to get the 1.1 branch:

git clone
git checkout 1.1

I have access to a Mac with OS version 10.5. Since this is not the latest and greatest, getting a suitable Xcode for it is a bit of a struggle. Latest Xcode (3.2.5) is onwards from 10.6 and the last one to support 10.5 was 3.1.4, released in 10th Sep 2009. This can be found from the Apple Developer Center, which requires you to be registered member. Fair enough, it is free of charge.

Please note that the link below cannot be found via the main pages, I wonder why.

In addition to Xcode, you might need a copy of Macports or equivalent installed, while some other Linux applications are needed, such as coreutils_, _dbus _and gstreamer_. In case you have Macports or Darwinports, the installation is trivial:

sudo port install coreutils dbus gstreamer

Once the tools are installed and ready, the final thing to accomplish is to build the Qt Mobility plugin:

sudo make install

Now you should be able to test the functionalities of the API with the following QML examples in Qt Creator:

Please note that the bleeding edge version of Qt Mobility 1.1, from Gitorious, does not necessarily compile nor work as expected. In case that happens, try another day.