io.js taking over Node.js community

It is not long ago when Node.js was forked as io.js, due to the slow development cycle and limitations that were put in place by the company.

To me it first looked like something similar that happened with FFmpeg and Libav few years ago, but soon it turned out to be something else. Reasons discussed further elsewhere.

Today io.js has much more vibrant developer community and as a technology much more up to date, than Node.js. For example the underlying V8 engine of Node.js is while io.js has There are some speed differences, in the favour of io.js.

Several free and non-free services have started to offer io.js in addition to Node.js. Just to name few:

Also tools and editors have moved to io.js, such as:

The video “Hitler finds out about io.js” by “Node.js Reactions” at Youtube pretty much shares the same information as presented above, perhaps in a much more amusing manner.

Funny enought, but it should be noted that there are efforts to join these two again…

Localisation efforts were started during the last weekend, and in the first day there were already 146 people forming 27 localisation teams.

Moving forward, I took the opportunity of making my 5 million speaking language, Finnish, to be one of those localisations. The Finnish speaking community around io.js is now being build and localisations should make it easier for anyone interested to join.

Luckily it is something that I cannot do alone, so I will have the chance to meet others who might share the same passion for code, development and continuous improvement.

Please feel free to comment on the first issue of the io.js Finnish Localisation Team and follow @iojs_fi at Twitter. There is also a Facebook Page and more social media interaction points will be created soon.