Pericoloso di morte
It is dangerous to hang around at the train stations of Italian railways.

Italian country, software is only in Italian

Some weeks I have tried to get a laptop here, but it seems to be impossible to get one with a English language in it. Also keyboard layouts are only in Italian version.

Some companies do not even reply when I request a information if they could deliver a laptop with English operating system and a keyboard layout. Seems that Italians do not really want to sell anything or the high technology company employees do not speak any other language than Italian.

Today we finally received a Microsoft Windows XP UK from London. We had to specially order it from there in order to get English version of the operating system.

And what comes to my laptop, I tried to get one from Dell Finland but they just informed that they do not ship to Italy, please make your order from Dell Italy, they have the same material as we.

Well finally I saw hope and I could get a laptop.