Sewing nunchaku bags by using Marimekko fabrics
A rather Finnish colourisation on these Marimekko fabrics.

Map of the journey which is about to start in next week

Huh huh, the amount of castles planned to be visited is rather huge.

A map for this journey is available with few different overlays, each one of them representing a certain type of location, such as those castles or accommodations or….

Use the upper right list to show/hide different overlays. By default all of them are shown.

Prefectual Budokans are not all to be visited but were used as a reference while searching for most optimised accommodation locations. In any case transportation will take a huge part of the total time, thus it should be minimised while considering the cost efficiency.

It should be noted that most Japanese Castles contain a museum of their own and surrounding areas history.

The layer called “Japan2011” contains random items which are not fitting any other description.

Yet one more thing worth mentioning, I do not plan to visit all of the 53+2 stations of the Tokaido road, just some 10 or so…