Martial art competition results database

This idea started from a need to see which attack targets were given the most points in the history of Atarashii Naginata. Then I decided that in case I would make this kind of a database, it should serve other martial arts too, which have similar points system. Eventually I realised that any martial art or sport even, where two players, teams or similar groups are evaluated against each other, and the progress of the matches within a competition can be visualised via pool chart.

Since I am targeting this project initially to serve my own interest, which covers the Japanese martial arts, the project needs to be multi-lingual in order to attract contributors. All data will be open source and available via GitHub, where it will be pushed automaticallyonce a week.

The user interface should be easy to use, simple and fast to fill in data. Users should be able to use their existing accounts in social media, email or other similar provider, in order to reduce the growth of username/password collection.

Each martial art and sport should have a collection of tools specific for the point system in question. For example in Kendo and Naginata each point would be marked with the target that it was received from. In Karate Kata competion, the name of each _kata _would be marked under the name and the number of votes received. The similar vote by flag approach is used in Jodo and Naginata engi.

Further deepen the content of the database, some of the matches, hopefully all, would have link to a video. In case I somehow would get a dedicated server, these videos could be hosted there, unless they would already be in other services such as Vimeo or Youtube.

Now the only question left is whether I have time to dedicate for this project, or will it suffer similar fate with

Furthermore, there should be mobile applications or at least a mobile version of the site available for real-time usage, for both inserting and observing results while the competition is ongoing.

Even further, the social capabilities could be extended to include chat, pictures, comments and many other things that someone might need and eventually making the whole project bloated. Perhaps those features can be left for third party to implement while this project would offer an API for accessing the data.