Metropolia Node.js 2014 Autumn - Lesson 1

The Node.js related course (TT00CC06-3001) which I will be teaching this Autumn, is held in every Tuesday at 16:40 - 20:45, in a class room number U205, at Bulevardi Campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, from 26th August until 19th December 2014.

In case you wish to participate, and eventually pass the course, please register yourself with the school. Information about the courses are in Finnish (under “Nuorisoasteen kurssitarjonta - Ohjelmistotekniikka” section) only unfortunetly, and the registration forms are available in both Finnish and English.

Please note that the registration should be completed latest by 10th August 2014.

The course counts as 5 study credits and the participation fee is 50 EUR, as per a rule of 10 EUR per credit, and which the school will be billing at some point.

First lesson is in 26th August, with the topic of “Introduction to the course, JavaScript and Node.js”.

While some familiarity with JavaScript is assumed, one does not need master it, as the examples and tasks are gradually build up from zero knowledge.

Throughout the course, Node.js will be used via command line, either locally, or via 3rd party service, such as Cloudnode, Heroku, or Openshift.

For local development in Windows OS the following applications are needed:

The computers in the class room should be equipped with the above application before the course begins.

Further during the course, all the code will pushed to GitHub, thus the participants should have an account registered preferably beforehand.

Links for further reading and studying:

See you at the class room, and remember to have your GitHub account ready!