Early sketches of mobile nanbudo game
First sketches of m.nanbudo.fi were made around late 2007, most probably in a train between Kamnik and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Mobile Nanbudo (m.nanbudo.fi)

A mobile game related to the Japanese martial art called Nanbudo has been long in my list of projects, which I would like to complete. According to the latest statistics of the Flash Lite plugin penetration in the mobile phones, the Flash Lite 3 has already a quite high position.

Later on the game will become available in the address m.nanbudo.fi with the three levels called:

  1. Ma-ai renshuu
  2. Kihon jiyuu
  3. Jiyuu randori

Among those who are practising nanbudo, the names have some specific meanings, which are revealing how each of the levels are played.