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Most visited of 2008 and what to expect from 2009

This web site of mine has slowly turned in to a blog, even tough I always corrected people from calling it a blog: “It is a web site, I am not a blogger”. But after having this site existing for somewhat four and half years, I guess I am slowly becoming a blogger.

During the past I have been adding features to this web site, gradually while studying the technologies and techniques. Right now as a last thing for this year I am adding GeoRSS extension to the feed, which has been in RSS 2.0 from the start.

According to Google Analytics, which I can trust to be accurate enough, the most visited stories (called posts in many blogging tools, but I call these stories) have been the ones which are giving example codes for the use of XIFF 3 library for XMPPconnectivity in Actionscript 3. A real world application usually is an instant messaging client. In 7th July I got 282 page views which was the highest amount during the year. The average daily page view rate has been around 57 and has kept steadily increasing towards the end of the year. Attached are statistics of the year for several sites I am somehow involved

  1. XIFF chat - Part 1: Basic chat
  2. XIFF chat - Part 2: Roster
  3. XIFF chat - Part 3: Room

During the year I also started to use Twitter and Facebook, installed studded tires to my bicycle for the first time, and returned to Finland from Slovenia.

Year 2009 will be good, no matter to which big Finnish mobile phone company I go to work for.

What I am looking for in 2009 is a speech to text encoder so I can finally build that module for a video platform with Loroporo (aka Lorenzo Manes). It has been something that has been expecting to be build from 2005, after when LULOP2 was released where we build similar system as Youtube is using, exept that we did it couple months before Youtube was launched.