Naginata koryu: Jikishinkageryu

Women who train in budo must aspire to become educated and be courageous, while keeping their maternal instincts. This is the greatest virtue for Japanese women.

  • Sonobe Hideo (Jikishinkageryu Naginatajutsu)

One of the predecessor of what is now gaining popularity around the world, Atarashii Naginatado (新しいなぎなた道), was Jikishinkageryu Naginatajutsu (直心影流薙刀術). It is an old and one of the most popular style in Japanin the use of a naginata (薙刀, long polearm with a curved blade). This style also includes the use of tanto (短刀, dagger) while the opponent uses bokken (木刀, wooden practise sword) for most of the time.

As an old style, it is by tradition looked after by a soke (宗家, head master) who looks after for the preservation and high quality standards. This position is usually inherited in the family and it is currently held by Mr Masami Sonobe (園部正美様) as the 18th soke.

Where to practise this style?

Jikishinkageryu Naginatajutsu was demonstrated for the first time in Finland, yesterday 29th August 2011 at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.

It is now possible to start practising it alongside with Atarashii Naginatado in the above mentioned Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi Club in Helsinki.