Naginata training in Japan

Want to practise Naginata in Japan?

Well there are mainly two ways:

  • Get an invitation from a Japanese teacher
  • Move to Japan for a longer period of time, as an exchange student for example

Other than that it is pretty much impossible.

Then again the first point can be extended to include an initial recommendation from a well know teacher outside Japan, who is in direct contact with you. That is, you are in direct student of this teacher.

Once a while there arrives an E-mail asking for address of a Jikishinkageryu Naginatajutsu Dojo in Japan where this person could go. Unfortunately I:

  • Have no ability to recommend anyone whom I do not know
  • Am not in a position to recommend anyone anyhow.

Best way to get high level teaching is to first become a high level student. This can be easily achieved by practising hard, long and with devotion. Just need to do it.

Once you have "High Level Student" status, someone in Japan has most likely heard of you and with suitable opportunity, perhaps via introduction in a International Seminar, you might be able to join the training session in Japan.

Empty cup is easier to fill, any martial art related motion picture can tell that.