New chapter in Karate section: Tani-ha Shitoryu

Last weekend I was in a seminar near Celje, Slovenia, which was dedicated for Tani-ha Shitoryu Karate.

Instructor of the seminar, Keiji Tomiyama (7 dan Shihan), came to Europe in 1972 to spread the style. In Friday he conducted a Tonfa training, while Saturday and Sunday concentrated to Kata and Kihon.

Those who follow up with the history a bit, know that Chojiro Tani was the teacher of Yoshinao Nanbu while Nanbu was in the Osaka University. After graduating Nanbu was sent to Europe in 1964 where later he developed Sankukai Karate style.

Organisation called “Kofukan” takes care of the development of Tani-ha Shitoryu outside of Japan. Some 40 years ago the organisation was called “Shukokai” but due to some bad reputation and so forth, the name was changed. There still exist the division of Shukokai which is mainly following the changes made by Shigeru Kimura.

It might takes some years before you can get a copy of “Mugenno Budo” from your local book store. The first writings started already in 2001 for this title.