Nokia N9 is still alive, even after two years of its birth

Previously there were some tips, but no tricks for Nokia N9, but this time however, the following commands are more closer to tricks than tips.

While the developer mode has been enabled and the connection to a Linux based computer is made via USB cable, and the selected mode is SDK mode, the following commands can be used to connect the phone and install the rest of the developer tools in it.

sudo ifconfig usb0
ssh developer@
devel-su # password: rootme
apt-get update
apt-get install devtools-*
apt-get install ltrace
apt-get upgrade

The rest of the tricks are done while logged in as root in Nokia N9.

Change from Nokia to Google and force to use Assisted GPS, first by opening the configuration file:

nano /etc/xdg/nokia/location-settings.conf

Then change the setting to match the ones shown below, the differences to the default values are just on the first and the last lines:

Then there is

I am a huge fan of the last camera feature that was added in PR1.3, namely the continous shutter, but it is pretty annoying when I have any other than the silent profile active.

It is however possible to make the camera silent, simply by removing the audio file in question.

rm /usr/share/sounds/ui-tones/snd_camera_shutter.wav

Add few additional options to Swype, first open its configuration file:

nano /usr/share/swype/data/SwypeConfig.ini

Then change/add the following options: = 1 = 1 = 1

Use any of the commands above, Warranty Void.