Paris - To go or not

The last seminar conducted by Yoshinao Nanbu this year will be in Paris, France. It will be just after the Christmas, from 26th to 29th December 2008.

Checking the prices for the flights between Helsinki and Paris for the approximate travelling dates 26th - 31th gave the following list:

  • Blue1: 547.04 €
  • Finnair 409.04 €
  • Airbaltic 514.04 €
  • Air France 371.04 €
  • SAS 8206.00 SEK (~797 EUR)
  • Travel Europe (KLM & Air France) 362.55 €
  • Airberlin 607 €

In February this year, when I was there the last time, I travelled from Slovenia, from where there seemed to be more options available.

But money is not the only thing that makes the difference of choosing whether or not to go. It is also about the responsibility of my carbon footprint. By the looks of the list it seems that the money is making me not to increase the size of my carbon footprint this year.