Positive thinking leads to good things


The fifth of Nanbudos seven forces: My energy is positive. Please do not be cynical. Amazing things will happen.

Seems in the past I have been with too negative thoughts. I am sure I still have them, but the difference is that after realising how much extra difficulty the negativity adds, I began to focus on seeing always something positive in everything.

This is something that cannot be forced, but learned. I suggest for positive thinking.

Related to the martial ways of Japan, it might sometimes seem that the teacher is being cruel or harsh, and if the student does not understand the reasoning behind this, all progress would be loss unless some positive thinking is introduced.

Most of the time experienced teachers have their, sometimes very special, ways of conducting the guidance for their students.

A student should make greater effort to strive through the hardship of the physical and the mental training. It will pay back in time. Amazing things will happen.