Book price at Hoepli differs
The price on the back cover of the book differs from the one at the cash register.

Price on the book is less than you have to pay at Hoepli

This other Saturday, 17th of April, I was in a big book store in Milan, Hoepli. I was looking for some books for 3D modelling and finally I found some for Maya 5.Prices were from 40 € to 70 € . I decided to buy Maya 5 from Savvy, it was 44.90 €. At least that is what the sticker on the back cover of the book said.

I paid with Visa Electron and rushed to the train station.

The next day when I was checking my receipts, I noticed that they had charged 63.30 € of it. Almost 20 € more than it says on the cover. This is not the end of it.