Report of the Traineeship in Synchronicity PBS

Below is the report of my traineeship in Synchronicity PBS s.r.l. in Milan, Italy. It is the last requirement to complete the traineeship for Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Traineeship in Milan, Italy, Summer 2004

As time goes by, I understand more the Italian ways of working and communication.

Due to the lack of so cold weathers and so much sun, they cannot stay in one place without moving, longer than one minute. That is the main reason why the hands are moving all the time while communication with someone.

Italians are very family centric when compared to Finnish. It shows everywhere, every coffee bar or every restaurant is run by the father and the rest of the family. In the summer time, when kids are off from school, you can see even the younger ones of the family sitting behind the desk. But this does not mean that they actually would do anything there. Television commercials shows also this family driven culture. No matter if the content of the commercial is about cellular phones or cat food, there is always some fathers/mothers and daughters/sons. Tv shows, hosted by a older man and a younger woman, have always the parents are in the audience of the person who is visiting the show. In Finland, the parents usually satisfy to watch the show from the television or they record it to VHS and maybe never even watch it. The age of departing from the parents is also very different from my home land, usually here children live with the parents until they get married and after marrying, they move in the next door.

English speaking people is a rear disease around here, even in the Central of Milan.

Although the system is very chaotic they were able build the Colosseum and the tower of Pisa. But as you well know the tower is bending and the arena is somewhat we could call any more a part of it. As the Finnish were still living in the forest, the Italians had the Caesar and some great as Leonardo or Michelangelo.

Another thing with the chaos and disorganisation is the maps and the station lists of the underground. The name of the current station is only written in the entrance and not in the list of stations so traveller would know where he or she is. Also the name of the station is missing when there are to lines crossing. While visiting the office in London, I experienced the underground of London and I must say that it is complete from a different world. Maps and names are good and well shown.

Finally, the office where I am working. It is located in the corner of Milan, place called Locate Triulzi, about 30 kilometres from Pavia, where I live. When I arrived in the beginning of April, there was only one old PC in the office. Now there is three of them, the one old still remaining. The Italian way of buying things is as slow (or fast) as a turtle swimming across the Ocean first growling from the sand beach to the water. While Finnish have the room, they give room to the others, but since Italians are living in a more tight way, they are more anxious to get what they are looking for and sometimes they forget the others. So the shopping trolleys are pushy, car horns signals more often and passing in the lines is more than a normal behaviour. To go back to the working place, a computer was bought to my use after two weeks and I could say it was worth waiting, since it was I who chose the parts for it. While trying to get an operating system in English, which was impossible, I could see even more the truth behind the scenes. Everything and I mean everything is either translated in to Italian or it is simply not published in Italy. So it was with the Windows operating system. Finally we ordered it from London, via our London office.

The language we use in the office is English and it suits me well, I’ve notice my spoken words coming more faster out and the language processing is faster. Italian I have learned just some words since there were no classes available after office hours and there was either no time to really start learning it by reading the grammar. But still I am satisfied with the progress of my English, I think it is better to learn one better than many basics. Although it is good to know some basics anyway.

The company is relatively small although it has offices in Paris, London and Milan. The Milan office is mainly Lorenzo Manes, who owns the company, Synchronicity SRL. Sometimes his wife, Priscilla Cafieri, is also working there with the area of video distribution of Peugeot and Citroen. My assignment is to create new platform for the publishing and distribution software. It has been a challenging job and will be even more as it goes forward. It has definitely improved my skills in that area and it might make me an employee of this company in the future. Offices in London and Paris are also made of a person in a each office. Lionel in Paris and Emanuele in London. I was supposed to go to visit also the office in Paris, but due to a high performance server, there was no time to do it. Perhaps it will be possible in the future.

The future is what we are all looking forward to see.

Jukka Paasonen