Ryukyu Kobujutsu book by Inoue Motokatsu gansho
One of the most expensive book which I have so far been able to collect. First in the set of three by Inoue Motokatsu (井上元勝) of Ryukyu Kobujutsu

Running free, attached to mobile devices

Recently there has been a huge crow in the sports related social network services.

Last Friday I just happened to stop by at a runners shop and turned out to spent some amount while buying suitable shoes.

Now I took those new shoes for their first run and as the lady from the shop said that it should be done on softer surface than concrete, which is my usual running environment.

The path was tracked by using two devices, Nokia N900 (eCoach) and Nokia E71 (Sports Tracker), shared in the following services:

  • Sports Tracker (formerly Nokia owned, now independent company which seem to have abandoned it)
  • Endomondo
  • Heiaheia (has no map which is a huge disadvantage).