Sai studio session
Two shots from the studio session in January 2nd 2010

Sai booklet is coming

Currently under some work is a booklet which contains the basics of a martial art weapon called sai.

The booklet will cover some of the history of the weapon as well as some points for paired drills, as well as the basics. Some of the contents might be some of the following:

  • History of sai and its use through time
  • Physical measures and material, costs
  • Holding and gripping
  • Relation to the empty handed techniques (karate)
  • Competition Injuries and risks
  • Basic handling
  • Paired drills
  • Prearranged forms and their applications

Booklet should become available in March 2010, in separate versions for Finnish and English languages.

Photos for the booklet were taken by Marko Saari.