Setting up Arduino IDE and Uno board with ATtiny85

In order to use the microtiny hardware development board via Arduino IDE, some additional libraries should be added to the IDE. This is because none of the official Arduino boards come with a tiny chip such as ATtiny85, which is used in microtiny.

The task is pretty trivial and the step are, as explained at, the following:

  1. Download the ATtiny specific libraries, available at GitHub
  2. The library has a single top level folder, called attiny, which should be placed within a hardware folder, in your sketchbook folder, most likely located somewhere C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Arduino

Next time when you start Arduino IDE, there should be several ATtiny chips available in the Tools > Board menu.

The sketchbook folder location might differ and the location specific to your installation can be seen from the Arduino IDE settings, at File > Preferences.

Once the ATtiny chip support has been added to Arduino IDE it can be used for developing applications that use those chips, for example the mentioned microtiny. In order to put the code in the given ATtiny chip, Arduino board could be used in between as an ISP. For this the Arduino IDE has an example code, which is to be loaded in Arduino. More information of that approach is at Arduino documentation.