Summer 2008 - The training time

Original plan for this summer was to go to as many seminar as possible in Scandinavia. Now it seems that the time is actually to be spent in the Southern Finland and just to go to one seminar abroad.

This is the problem of money. There is never enough. Thus there is no time if there is money. This is the essence of “Never is good”.

The one seminar abroad mentioned before, is in Saaremaa, Estonia. It will be instructed by Ilpo Jalamo and it will include Yuishinkai Karate and Ryukyu Kobujutsu.

Another interesting seminar might be the Jinbukan Kobudo seminar in Kuopio, Finland, but it is actually already in the Autumn so it does not count in to the title.

Yet another seminar worth of putting in the calendar is the traditional summer seminar in Jyväskylä, Finland. This summer it will be instructed by Ante Bränbacka, who follows the style of Patrick McCarthy. Seminar will take place under the rock (Kuokkala granite), in the last weekend of July. Special note of the city, most of the student who come from Finland to Slovenia, are from Jyväskylä.

List of possible “local” seminars could continue longer as these previously mentioned are just the karate section. I should also mention the seminar of the Finnish Nanbudo Federation in Utö, Finland.

For aikido there seems to be one particular seminar which one should not miss, “Aikidoa yli rajojen”, Aikido over the borders. A seminar conducted by many Finnish aikido teachers who all have a long career with the martial art. I just don’t know why Matti Joensuu is not in the list as he seems to be in Finland during the summer. Usually he teaches in Villach, Austria, which by the way is just some 100 km from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The seminar will take place in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, Finland.

I will be lucky to meet many of the people I got to know in Slovenia, during the summer all around Finland.