To tie a knot on a naginata kissaki
The naginata used in the combat of Atarashii Naginatado has soft ends. These are clued and then tied on the wooden stick.

Taping Naginata

While illustration are on their way (used in Mugenno Budo book), here are the verbal explanations how to tape the naginata together. The taping is called sendanmaki.

  • Taping is done by using a white vinyl tape (as in electric tape)
  • Tape tightly the head of Ebu, from the top to 15.5 cm
  • Join Ebu and Habu, they should cross for 15 cm
  • Mark 17 cm distance, one centimetre over the cross on each side
  • Tape three times, two first round with longer interval, the last tight. Start from Habu end
  • Ishizuki and Kissaki usually have some soft material on them, which are to be taped with transparent tape for some 2 cm
  • In the case of Kissaki, the string used to attach the head cover, should also be wrapped in the tape