The future of Tsuka

Some years ago, a TV commercial from IBM said:

“It says here: the future of business is in the Internet.”

“…we have to be in the Internet.”


“It doesn’t say.”

Tsuka saw the daylight nearly two years with the status of alpha. Currently the status is still in alpha, but the plans are to get it in beta and finally through release candidate to a full release.

Some major changes will be done prior the first beta release. Here is a list of few of them:

  • Flash based video player supporting H.264/AAC videos
  • XSPF playlist
  • AMF encoded communication between player and back end
  • Red5 integration
  • Chat application using XIFF3 library based on XMPP (jabber) messaging
  • User registration with OpenID
  • Color profile adjustment with the ability to use Kuler colors
  • Server side encoding for QuickTime and Flash compatibleMP4 video
  • Save snapshots of the video in PNG and Jpeg formats
  • Web camera and microphone usage in the chat

Tsuka will require the users to have a Flash player plugin, which supports H.264 video and AAC audio. Currently such version is still in beta, but as the Tsuka approaches the full version, will the Flash player be available too.

Backend of Tsuka is currently written in PHP, compatible with version 4 and 5, but with this update the plans are to have two versions. One in Python and other in PHP 5.