The times of LULOP2 and the rest of the Italian job

One of the biggest project so far where I have been involved and specially worked as the lead developer, was LULOP2 at Synchronicity P.B.S s.r.l., in Pavia, Italy.

I was involved in the project for approximately two years, starting in the Summer 2004, during my traineeship in the company. The primary area of business is the video publishing from independent video publishers to the TV channels all around the world.

The following technologies and tools were used:

  • PHP 4
  • MySQL 4
  • Perl, for file upload with upload progress meter
  • FFmpeg for server side Flash video encoding
  • Bittorrent
  • Xhtml 1, CSS 2
  • Flash 8

After two years being involved to the PHP development in LULOP2, I moved to other areas in the services of the site. WLMando was the product build with Actionscript 3 and controlled by Nintendo Wiimote to play videos of the web site.

Most of the time during the employment I was working at home, in Turku, Finland, but also in the Italian office of Lulop, in Pavia, Italy. There I spent time total of seven months, during Summer 2004, Autumn 2004 and Summer 2005.