Third Mobile device ecosystem

What happened in 11th February 2011 (or 11211 in short)?

Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft and with this its new ecosystem of Nokia devices with Windows Phone 7 operating system, as Nokia CEO Stephen Elopcoined “3rd Ecosystem“. Funny how it was already discussed back in September 2010.

  1. Apple iOS to Apple iPhone
  2. Google Android to several devices, HTC etc.
  3. Windows Phone 7 to Nokia smart phone devices.

How about MeeGo? Or Qt?What will happen with the open source efforts in Nokia? Most likely there will be few new small companies starting out, founded by future ex-Nokians, which will assume the open source responsibilities. This happened with Sports Tracker.

Anyhow it is not the first time for Nokia to go through so massive changes, but it most certainly is one of the biggest. From technology perspective it was just few months ago when it was realigned last time…

A change creates an opportunity, the rule in Japanese martial arts, can be applied to the business life as well. For example of that the letter for developers from Forum Nokia.