Wire cutters made in the "long time ago" times
For some reason the old tools are the good tools.

Times of travel and where to go next

Every weekend there is a possibility for a participation to a martial art seminar. Sometimes, as it is Summer and most people in Finland are having their holidays, even during the weekdays. Last week I was in Gothenburg, Sweden, for a Jodo and Iaido seminar. Next week there would be the annual Pori Jazz Kendo/Iaido/Jodo seminar.

In September I will be going to Prague for the Atarashii Naginatado seminar of the INF (International Naginata Federation).

Before September, there will be also Yuishinkai karatejutsu and Ryukyu kobujutsu seminar, occurring in August. It will be directed by Kisho Inoue, who is the current leading figure in the styles, with the accompanying Japanese instructors, as well as our Finnish teacher Ilpo Jalamo shihan. The seminar will take place in Turku, Finland, so travelling is not an obstacle.

What else there is in life?

As there happens to be other kind of seminars, focusing to improve the abilities as an IT professional. One of these events is Future of Web Apps held in London, Great Britain, in the end of September.

Future of Web Apps - London 2009

This badge will offer me the possibility to get a free seat in the event if I am the lucky lottery winner…

In case I would be going to UK, then surely I would be the following weekend in Birmingham.