Tips but no tricks for Nokia N9

N9 tips, mostly for things that can be found in Settings.

The following applies from PR1.0 and onwards.

Enable NFC: Settings - Device - NFC

Change Bluetooth name: Settings - Bluetooth - Name and information

Allow 3rd party installations: Settings - Applications - Installations - Allow installations from non-store sources

Developer mode: Settings - Security - Developer mode - Developer mode

USB mode for developers: Settings - Accessories - USB - Always ask

Update applications: Settings - Applications - Manage applications - Right button in the bottom to get to “Updates” view - Top right button to check for updates

The following applies from PR1.1 and onwards.

To close an application, swipe down from the top of the screen

Utility applications from Ovi Store worth of mentioning.

Easiest way to find these is to use the search functionality of Ovi Store client application. Listed in random order: