A painting the Kuressaare Castle
Kuressaare Castle in Estonia has a small area in its basement for beautiful paintings as such. Nina's portrait by Ukrainian artist Dmytro Dobrovolsky in 2006.

Top stories in 2009 here and elsewhere

Yet another year has passed and like last year, here are the most viewed stories within this web site:

  1. XIFF chat - Part 1
  2. XIFF chat - Part 3: Chat room
  3. XIFF chat - Part 2. Roster
  4. TextField autosizing options
  5. Multiple view ports and cameras in PaperVision3D

All the XIFF related posts received more visits than in the previous year, in overall making the total of visits in 2009 (18 233) over a double of 2008 (8 460).

It is obvious to see that by far the majority of visitors comes to this web site due to the Flash/Actionscript related content. In order to keep up the reputation I would post more on the given topic. Even so, I am still going to keep a balance between scripting and martial arts.

For the other sites in which I have access and some sort of random update obligation, the statistics are also attached. Find a list of them below for easier access: