Training time in Slovenia

The founder of Nanbudo, Yoshinao Nanbu, will soon be directing a seminar in Ljubljana. At the same time the head teacher of the Europe for Taniha Shitoryu Karate, Keiji Tomiyama, will de directing a seminar in Petrovče, which is just some 70 kilometres from Ljubljana.

Unfortunately for me, these two seminars are overlapping completely so I can’t take part in both. Anyone know by the way what in common do these two Japanese martial art teachers have (historically)?

During my stay in Ljubljana, there should be time for some Ryukyu Kobujutsu training too, probably after the seminar weekend. During last Summer and Autumn, we were mostly training in the nature with the long sticks. Most often we hiked to the hill of Rožnik, which is just next to the centre of Ljubljana.

The dates in which I am targeting to travel, are 16th and 23th of April. Both of the seminars are in 17th - 19th April.

Osaka University and Chojiro Tani.