London tube map 2004
Tube map of London undergrounds from 2004.

Undergrounds in London and Milan

The underground maps maps are one of bests in the world. It has all the that the traveller needs to know. Every station has a name and those stations which are also in some other line, are marked with the line colour and with the line name.

In Milan, Italy, the situation is quite different. The station you are currently in, is not listed in the list of stations in that line, it is only written in the wall, there where the actual train goes. Also when line crosses one another, the name of the station is not mentioned. So for instance, this one day I wanted to go a station called Lotto which is near San Siro Stadium. Fortunately I had some instructions from my friend so I found it more easier. But still I had to guess which way to go with the green line from Central Station. This because the green line crosses the red line in Catorna where I should change the line.

The same shit continues always with the trains too. If the destination of the train is Venice and it says that it stops in every station, from where do I know if my station is on that way?

It helps if the traveller knows where all the cities are located, but then the company is just waiting for all the travellers to learn the ways.

And how uncomfortable is that.