Unit tests and XML migration of XIFF library

Once completed, should the task describe here become a XIFF 3.1 release?

Currently XIFF has only one unit test, located here, but it is not used in the continuous integration job. The unit test is using FlexUnit library, which is available by default in the Adobe Flex Builder and also at flexunit.org.

Unit tests are a good way to increase the quality and stability of any code. Since I wish to finally complete the task of migrating XML related code, which is the language used by the XMPP, unit test will help reaching this goal. Currently XIFF library is (in most cases) using the legacy XML classes that derived from Actionscript 2, such as XMLNode.

The plan is, in the following order:

  1. Create tests for current trunk version
  2. Migrate XML while keeping tests passing
  3. Upgrade any necessary parts to comply with the standard

As a result, fix the following issues:

XIFF related resources at Igniterealtime:

Once the work on the point number two begins, I do not want to promise stable trunk between every commit, as I want to keep commits minimal in size. Most likely going to go through a class at a time…

Feedback is welcome. You can reach me directly via e-mail or preferably via XIFF community forum.