Using mobile phone to control system camera

Many of the latest system cameras, such as Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2, have a possibility for a remote control. Panasonic only offers one with a 1.5 meter wire and 3rd party manufacturershave somewhat too complex systems which use radio waves to omit the wire.

How about using a mobile phone?

The flow could be the following:

  • Set the camera to a fixed position
  • Connect mobile phone to the camera
  • See in the phone screen what the camera is seeing
  • Trigger focus and shutter from the phone
  • Receive a thumbnail of the image captured by the camera to the phone
  • Adjust zoom and other possibly supported features to be listed…

A mobile phone or more specifically, a smart phone, often comes with the possibility to connect via WLAN. That suggest that the phone supports connection to a 2.4 GHz operating receiver. Many of the 3rd party remote controls use this frequency.

If the phone could connect and load data from a WLAN connect device, what would be needed at the other end, attached to the system camera?

Other connection options could be Bluetooth and Infrared, but the operating range is far less than that of Wi-Fi.