Children of Lapo and Luna
Lapo and Luna got children. Here they are running, not all of them.

Venezia every time

In Friday, while starting my journey in the boot country, I heard someone talking Finnish in to a phone in one of the many trains I needed to take. She was from Villach, Austria.

In Saturday morning, one grand mother nearly went under the train, when the train departed from the station, but she still decided to lean on it. No accident occurred, only some traumas in fragile mind of the staff of Trenitalia. One of them clearly and loudly expressed himself: “Lei è pazza!”.

The purpose of this journey was to go to see how Lapo is doing and to meet his children. The main motivator was the Jodo seminar in Piacenza, guided by a German fellow, Karl Dannecker (5 dan).

In Sunday the return to Slovenia was, as usual, via Venezia where I had the time to walk around for some two hours. This time I managed to find all the dead ends which ended to the water.