Video popularity in different services

Same or very similar video in few different video services provides a view to the popularity and perhaps visibility of each of the services used.

Kaiten randori san no kata - Suomenlinna

A clip of three men doing a rotational technique series with two attackers. The martial art in subject in these clips is Nanbudo. The number in parenthesis is the view count between the time of publishing the video (2 Sep 2009) and the time when this story was posted (21 Dec 2009).

I am using Vimeo directly from this web site as you can use the link at the bottom of this story, just above the date, to view a specific video inline. Still it has the lowest view count.

Atarashii Naginatado at the Helsinki Kendo Club

Another video I used for this test and a bit broader view of the services, was a sad story where a new, just fetched from post, training weapon ( naginata) cuts broken when the main character exists a tram. Luckily it has a happy ending, so it is worth to watch from each of the services.View counts listed up to date from 19 Oct 2009.

The view count for Ovi cannot be considered valid for comparison as it increases every time the page is refreshed. Other services have more control over the user session, thus keeping the numbers more realistic.