One side of a statue nearby Pisa tower
This statue stands near the river, between the Pisa tower and the train station.

Visiting Pisa and Montecatini

In the last Nanbudo seminar in Cesena, I got to know some people from the club of Marco Pellecrini, and so I decided to pay a visit at their place in the beginning of November 2004.

I actually thought that Montecatini would have been closer to Pisa, but as a happy traveller, the moments spent with Trenitalia are always luxurious. Be sure to read those lines with sarcastic feeling.

Surely I took photos, I always do. Available in Flickr.

I was supposed to return during the same day but after the dinner on top of some hill, there seemed to be no more trains in the night. I stayed at Marcos house where we also had trainings with some of the members of his club.