Kislica and Juga at the bottom of Kamnisko Sedlo
Matej and Jukka about to climb up to Kamnisko Sedlo, a mountain near the border between Austria and Slovenia.

Where is to go?

I will have a farewell party in this Saturday, 17th May 2008. It will start at 19:00 in Puhova ulica 10, which is in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

Why it is a farewell party?

It is because I am leaving the country, not only because the TV channel called Pop TV has not paid of my services, but also because a foreigner is always a second class citizen here.

The country itself is one of the most beautiful of all the countries I’ve ever visited, if we skip the human factor. My favourite place, an area between two mountains, called Kamniško Sedlo was visited for my last time yesterday. So many things fit in this small country, partly because the drop stone caves can be located under a colourful mountain.

Due to the past of the area, some Slovenians have a habit of being too ignorant and consider themselves not to be responsible of their doings. Surely there are plenty of exceptions, which I been very happy to know personally, but to protect their identities, I do not list their names. Otherwise there might start a manhunt for these people.

There are no refundable bottles, which are used in most EU countries as well as in Croatia, the enemy number one of Slovenia (coast border crisis).

What it comes to martial arts in this country, there of course are problems too. One fellow stated very wisely:

How come it is that always the martial artist are having so much problems to work together, should not the martial arts itself teach to avoid wrong kind of behaviour and to make people to work in harmony?

He is not even a martial artist himself, but had enough of discussions with ones who are, thus coming to this conclusion.

One should not call himself or herself a martial artist if one can not live side by side with other fellow martial artist. These kind of issues are not just limited to Nanbudo, Karate, Kendo or Aikido, but to many others which can be found in the region. I sincerely hope the people training martial arts would become martial artists. Please note that I will complain of the same issues with other countries in other texts, this one is dedicated to Slovenia.

I know many people will get upset of this text, but hey it is a foreigner writing, you would get upset anyway. Perhaps it is the time of mental maturation in each one of us.

Lately Upravna Enota added queuing numbers so there is no more need to stay in lines and fight for the spot with Serbians. This is already one improvement within the time of my two years of stay.

Invitation poster