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White Moustache 7 - First decade has passed


The seventh installation of the life of Mr Hjalmas Joonas Valkoviiksi was filmed in Turku, Finland in early 2004 and was supposed to be released in the Summer 2004.

Due to the rapid changes in life during those years, while I kept travelling all the time and working part time during the Engineering studies, there seemed to be never time to complete the editing of Valkoviiksi 7 motion picture. Since then I have been pondering about releasing the clips in a social video sharing site, where I possibly could link them to each other. Also been thinking about making a mini web site that would then use those videos based on the viewers interactions.

The movie was created in such fashion that each scene has four alternatives and the viewer could always choose from two choices at the end of each scene.

During the Spring 2004, several students were making their trailers for this movie, as it was done as a study project in Turku University of Applied Sciences (in Turku, Finland). Those trailers are available at Youtube, in this playlist.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the above described method for getting stuff out.