Why am I not using Tallink Silja line anymore

Last Sunday I missed the check in time by ten minutes, as the check in time ends 20 minutes before the departure. The lady at the counter then told me that the next available would be in the next morning at 8:30 and that I should be there one hour earlier.

At the next morning, which was Monday, I was at the counter at 7:15. I was not let in due to the five minutes that I was late. There was no ferry going at 8:30 but instead 7:30 and as all Finnish people who come to Estonia are stupid alcoholics, they are to be treated badly.

Luckily my co-worker told me about a ferry company which is actually much cheaper and faster than the one mentioned in the page title. That company in which I then returned finally to Helsinki was Linda lines.

Now I will just use Linda lines from now on.

By the way, even as I was a Club One member in Tallink Silja line, I did not get the discount, most probably as they sent the card rather late, but rememberer to spam me with their email ads.

Life is hard, Finnish drinkers travelling to Estonia making it even harder.

Anyhow, there are photos of the trip available at Flickr.